I’m a storyteller. It’s at the heart of everything I artistically and professionally. I’ve

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Growing up in the South I remember hanging laundry out in the backyard with my German mother, begging her to “tell me a story that your mother told you when you were a little girl.” Slinging a wet sheet over the line she said, “No one ever told me stories as a girl, Püppchen. All we had was the war.” I thought everyone should be told a story. She’s why I started writing.




As a Story Producer (L.A. loves titles) I’ve written and produced documentaries for Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project. I’ve done pieces on food security in South Africa, Hawaii’s push for clean energy, and water…it’s still all about the water.

I also produced a reality series for AOL Studios called Candid Conversations, story editor for the web series Run For Your Life.



I’ve toured 5 of my original solo shows across the US and in Europe and I’m an active performer in both the New York and Los Angeles storytelling scene.

One of my favorite parts of writing solo shows and plays is the moment I understand what I’ve just made is about and I get to name it. I have written X full length plays and X short ones. See my work here.


I spent two years teaching The Art of Memoir to a band of senior citizens in Los Angeles or the self-named “Old Broad Coalition”. Theses When I shared how embarrassing it feels to have never been married they gave a collective shrug and all agreed, “Out our age you’re either a nurse or a purse, so we’re right there with you.”

They taught me that:

  • We live at least 4 or 5 different lives in one lifetime so don’t get too attached to one or too down on yourself about another.

  • Humor is a key to survival

  • Eat dessert, have a love affair, dye your hair pink. Those memories will make you smile. Memories of kale will never make you smile.




In 2013, I was awarded a residency in the Arctic Circle. I sailed with a band of international artists around the archipelago of Svalbard, north of Norway. I can tell you first hand that polar bears are dangerously beautiful and icebergs gossip about us all the time. SEE THIS PROJECT.


I’ve played Billy Zane’s on screen wife, who gets murdered. I’ve been the voice of American Girl. I know almost everything about film (movies) (cinema) there is to know.

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Featured Testimonials

Marlene creates beauty, nonstop. Her strong commitment to delivering her best in whatever project she engages and in whichever community she finds herself is a hallmark of all that she has accomplished in such diverse places as Paris, Heidelberg, New York, Austin, Spoleto, Svalbard and Los Angeles.
— Dr. Laurence Vagassky-Prey Rud. Prey GmbH & Co. KG

I think Marlene is a great teacher and coach, and I appreciate how she listens so carefully to each participant and provides such thoughtful feedback and suggestions.
— David Haerle, CEO, CMH Records Inc.