Sex and the Window Seat

Somewhere over Chicago I lose all interest in language. Turbulence has picked up and the captain announces a rollercoaster ride from here to JFK. I’m in the window seat leaning against the interior of the plane and there’s nothing to do. So I let myself get turned on.

I never think of sex when I’m sitting on the aisle. There it’s all about the book I’m trying to finish or watching a movie I’d never pay to see. In the window seat I feel as though my thoughts are more protected.

I can cum just by thinking about sex. But it requires an investment of time and I have to make all these decisions like, should it be a guy or maybe I’ll opt for a threesome, I mean why not? I’ll be on top, riding cowgirl, maybe reverse cowgirl, and maybe…Bam. I get interrupted by the Stewardess, “What can I get you to drink, hun? And I have to Reset. Go back to the beginning. Let’s mke it one guy, keep it simple. He’s dark, strong, picks me up, presses me against the wall…

(woman’s voice) “Excuse me,” it’s the woman on the aisle. She’s leaning over her husband who’s sitting next to me to ask, “Do you think the humus snack pack is very nice?”

Stewardess delivers the snack pack, they start eating.

I rest. Two guys, spread my legs apart, tongues start circling…

(deep voice) “Sorry.’ the husband says, “Smell, hummus, sad. No, no, no, no, not sad. Bad, bad! Bad. Sorry.”

They’re a funny little couples. She has a tan that’s been 50 years in the making. He wears two too many watches on his wrist.

(woman’s voice) “Please, we land New York, time? What is it?”

What time do we land in New York? I figure it out. I tell her. She sets the silver watch he wears at the very top of his wrist.

The captain. Announcements. More turbulence.

(deep man’s voice) “Can you translate to me. With bad English?

Bad English.

“My English is broken. Can you break his English for me? Please?”

I break apart the captain’s English.

“My hearing,” he says, hearing aid tucked into his ear, “Is a problem. My understanding is a problem. Together life challenges me.”